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6 Best Glass Chess Board Ever

Have you ever wondered why people still choose to play chess even in this age of computer games and TV? Maybe it’s because chess is almost always associated with one of the oldest board games which is rumored to have its origins in India. Originally called Chaturanga, with the arrival of the Europeans, it was renamed the game of Chess because of its resemblance to the historic war tactics. Chess is a game that not just requires skill; it requires tact and patience. Whether you are playing Chess on a laptop, a mobile phone, or on a glass chess board, you will always have to use

6 Best Glass Chess Board You Can Purchase

Srenta 10″ Fine Glass Chess Set

The Srenta 10″ chess set has clear, crystal, and frosted glass chess pieces that are also complemented by an elegantly etched glass chess board which makes this chess set a true collector’s item.

Whether you wish to play chess with your competitors or just keep one at home for decor purposes. You will fall head over heels with this magnificent glass chess set.

It has a beautiful glass design with good quality finishing. There are anti-scratch pads on the board to ensure stability. Felted bottoms make sure of effortless maneuverability.

It has frosted glass chess pieces. It is a very travel-friendly chess set that can be carried everywhere. It is a perfect set for beginners as well as for advanced chess players.

Gamie Glass Chess Set

Gamie has done everything to ensure that this chess set is perfectly balanced and functions properly. It has felted bottoms on all 32 pieces which allow it to move as swiftly as possible. It also has anti-scratch pads underneath the chessboard that provides stability to keep the entire set safe.

The chess set comes in 3 different sizes, 7.5″, 10″, 14″ and you can choose one that is suitable for you.

The beauty of this chess set is that it has been constructed well with good quality glass which adds a bit of flair to every game you play.

GamieTm’s glass design sports finishing and quality craftsmanship ensuring longevity. All the chess pieces are filled with top-notch glass bottoms which are felt for effortless movement on the board. It is a perfect buy for all the chess lovers out there.

Syolin Crystal Chess Set

The Syolin Chess Set is made from craft crystal glass and comes in two different colors, transparent and matte. The bottom of the chess pieces are inlaid with flannel and the glass chess board has a frosted grid. This chess set is a work of exquisite craftsmanship.

The set is made from high-quality frosted and clear glass and each chess piece is the work of extremely delicate workmanship. It is lightweight and easy to install. It can be carried anywhere and also has a storage bag for keeping the exquisite pieces.

The crystal design has made the set proficient. It is suitable for beginners, advanced players, and collectors. It is also a perfect gift for your loved ones. The size of the chess set is 9.8 X 9.8 inches which makes it very portable. A game of top-quality chess set for all you people out there.

Wowwoody Glass Game Chess Set

This glass game chess set has used acrylic board making your gameplay very mesmerized. There are 32 glass and frosted pieces. It is a true collector’s item that comes at a very affordable and wallet-friendly price. For decor purposes, you can even make it a centerpiece of your living room.

The chessboard is made from exquisite craftsmanship using acrylic which makes it more valuable as it will not break easily. The size of the game set is 13.8 X 13.8 inches which makes it portable and is suitable for traveling, playing with friends, and picnics.

The crystal design is of high quality. The chessboard is composed of transparent frosted squares. It is suitable for people with any level of skill, ranging from beginners to advanced

E5E10 Glass chess board and pieces

This chess set can be brought both for functional and decorative purposes. The size of the chessboard is 25cm X 25cm with rubberized feet. It is portable and can be carried anywhere.

It is a game of classy upgrade chess set to a classic game of chess. The chess pieces are frosted and transparent along with a black-felt lined bottom mat making it easy and smooth to use. The glass is of premium quality, perfect for chess lovers.

The chessboard has good thick glass and clears with the square which makes it the color of your table or base mat. It is lightweight so you can easily carry this chess set anywhere with you.

You can gift this to your friends or family. Also, this glass chess set is a must-buy for all the chess lovers out there.

Zatiki Glass Chess Set

This is a game of fully functional glass chess board with 32 chess pieces. It can also be used for decor purposes. It is a see-through design that will match your stunning home decor.

Each piece of the chess set is made of very high-quality glass which is a work of quality craftsmanship. There are felt pads under the crystal chessboard that will allow you smooth gameplay and also works as an anti-scratch.

Anti-scratch pads underneath the pieces and board provide stability. The chess glass is made of high-quality glass which provides durability, stability, and density. It is an ideal gift for anyone who loves a fascinating game of chess.

The glass chess set includes frosted and clear glass pieces and a glass board. The design of the chess pieces is elegant and beautiful. This acrylic glass chessboard is a perfect piece.

In this article, we discussed how to get a glass chess board. They are beautiful, however, it is important to note that they are more fragile than a traditional chessboard, so you need to be careful with them. If you take care of it, it will last for many years.

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