Chess Board Coffee Table

5 Best Chess Board Coffee Table to Look for 2022

Do you like to sit in your living room and play chess while enjoying your morning/evening coffee? Then here’s a product for you! A chess board coffee table! Chessboard coffee tables are a one-of-a-kind element of furniture to design your home in a way that makes you appear intelligent while remaining fashionable. A chess board coffee table is a table that has been designed specifically for the game of chess at your own time while drinking coffee with friends and family. When not in use, a chessboard Coffee table is frequently integrated into the tabletop, and the pieces are stored in two drawers.

These tables are often elaborate well-crafted, and expensive pieces of furniture. They come in a number of styles and are highly long-lasting. Chessboard coffee tables are made of wood and contain storage slots for chess pieces on the sides. They go well in both home and commercial environments. The tabletop doubles as a chessboard with corresponding figureheads, making this an outstanding coffee table that will appeal to all chess fans. 

Best Chess Board Coffee Table

ACME Furniture Acme 82846 Bishop Game Table

  • Price- $268.99
  • Brand- ACME Furniture
  • Colour- Black 
  • Material- Wood

About ACME Furniture Acme 82846 Bishop Game Table-

  • ACME Furniture is a square chess board coffee table with two drawers
  • It’s a reversible game Board: checkers & backgammon with a wooden square top and a wooden pedestal base
  • This Chess Board Coffee table is easy to assemble (8 screws, 4 to attach the bottom, and 4 to attach the top.), sturdy and has value for the money!
  • The table is of full height and has a large top for displaying chess and its elements. The table is heavy and consequently stable; it does not rock or shake.

Hey! Play! Deluxe Chess & Backgammon Table by Trademark Games

  • Price- $147.61 
  • Brand- Hey! Play!
  • Colour- Brown/Tan/White  
  • Material- Wood, Plastic
  • Genre- Strategy
  • Item Dimensions- 27×18.125×18.125 inches
  • Item Weight- 9.48 pounds
  • Country of Origin- China

About Hey! Play! Deluxe Chess & Backgammon Table by Trademark Games-  

  • The Chess board Coffee table and Backgammon Table will look wonderful and serve a practical role in your living area. On the tabletop are chess and backgammon playing boards. 
  • The Chess board Coffee table and Backgammon Table marries the functionality of a gaming table with the beauty of a beautiful end table. 
  • The Chess board Coffee table is easy to assemble, giftable, and a total value for money!

OLIVIEU INTELLIGENTE Chess Table 20 inch Olive Wood Chess Table Furniture Deluxe Chess Table

Price- $399.99 


Colour- Natural Olive Wood

Material- Wood

Genre- Strategy

Item Dimensions- 20 inches

About OLIVIEU ~ INTELLIGENTE ~ Chess Table ~ 20 inch ~ Olive Wood Chess Table Furniture ~ Deluxe Chess Table- 

  • The measurements of the chess table are 20 * 20 * 24 inches. OLIVIEU INTELLIGENTE’s olive wood chessboard tables are designed to allow people to sit while playing chess. The chess table leg was skilfully picked to reintroduce the olive tree into view. The chess board coffee table has been sanded and oiled to provide you with the greatest chess experience possible.
  • A leg, base, four mini legs, and chess pieces are included in the Intelligente chess board table. The leg and base of the chessboard can be easily unscrewed, allowing you to use the chessboard table as a regular chessboard by screwing the little legs under the chessboard. A chess table and a chess set on the tabletop: a one-of-a-kind interior.

Kassel 13″ Diameter Globe with 57pc Chess and Checkers Set

  • Price- $144.35
  • Brand- Kassel
  • Material- Wood
  • Genre- Family

About Kassel 13″ Diameter Globe with 57pc Chess and Checkers Set-

  • The Kassel 13 are a group of 13 people from Kassel, “The 57-piece Diameter Globe with Chess and Checkers Set will keep you entertained for hours.
  • The globe’s outside is finished with an Old World nautical map. Globe unfolds to show the stunning design of the game board, which is housed in a dark brown wood holder and table support. The game pieces are stored beneath the board.
  • The stand is 22 1/2 inches tall “16-1/4″ in height with a diameter of 16-1/4”
  • This Chess board coffee table has 1 game board, 24 checker pieces, 32 chess pieces

Frenchi Home Furnishing Chess Table with Two Working Drawers

  • Price- $119.64
  • Colour- Cherry
  • Product Dimensions- 22.06″D x 27.58″W x 22.06″H

About Frenchi Home Furnishing Chess Table with Two Working Drawers- 

The Frenchi Home Furnishing Chess Table is a Chess board coffee table. It not only provides a table for chess and checkers but also makes an elegant furniture piece for any room! Its pedestal style gives it a classic appeal and leaves plenty of leg-room for players.

This includes a drawer large enough to store game pieces in between games. Bring this game table home with you today for hours of strategic entertainment!

Chess squares are 2 × 2 inches in size. There are no game components supplied. Browns are a color. Assembled from wood There is some assembly necessary. Style Finishing Touches and Cherry color touch gives it a fantastic look!


Are the chessboard squares of ACME Furniture Acme Bishop Game Table inlaid hardwood, painted hardwood, or vainer?

The board appears to be veneered rather than painted. It has a nice appearance, however, I’m afraid it isn’t made of solid wood. It’s not inlaid, but it looks nice nonetheless. There’s a small oil coating on it, and I sprayed it with an automotive clear finish to make it more durable. I’m satisfied with it. It’s a well-crafted composition. Better than something from Ikea, but not as good as antiques. It’s a good price-to-function ratio.

When it comes to chess board coffee tables, how tall should they be?

Chessboard coffee tables are typically 28″ in height, though this might vary by 6″ or more depending on the space, they’ll be used in. Chess coffee tables are typically situated between two sofas or lounge chairs and are high enough off the ground for guests to easily reach them. Some are designed to fit between two sofas that are either extremely low or extremely high. In rare cases, a chess board coffee table set may perform better if it is put on top of another table.


A chess coffee table can be an elegant and unique addition to your living room, while also giving it a more robust appearance. Because of its distinctive black and white checkering on the table surface, the coffee table becomes more of a focal point of the living room, creating a welcoming environment and a playful ambiance in the living room.

To keep the table in good operating order, keep the chess and checkers pieces off the tabletop. Invest in a chess coffee table with drawers to keep your chess pieces out of the way while still being available when you wish to play.

Chess coffee tables have the advantage of looking good in both rustic and contemporary environments, depending on the table you choose. An ultra-modern coffee table with a large checkered black and whiteboard or a traditional hardwood coffee table with a chessboard integrated into a piece of the tabletop are all alternatives.

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