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How do Electronic Chess Board Works?

Electronic chess boards are far superior to traditional online chess in that they allow you to hold the pieces in your hands and see the entire board laid out in front of you rather than depending on a point-and-click interface. Although an electronic chess board may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about purchasing a chess set, when used properly, it may significantly improve your game. When connected to your computer, they can let you go through classic chess games or even play games with pals over the internet when you can’t meet up. Each game you play on an electronic chess set is immediately saved in the memory of the computer that powers the board, move by move. This allows you to review each game afterward and look for ways to improve in the future. You’ll be able to observe when your opponent began laying the trap you finally fell into, or when you missed a move early in the game that could have changed the outcome. Anyone serious about improving their chess game should know this information.

How do Electronic Chess Board Works?

The most popular and reliable Electric Chess Board is Digital Game Technology developed and marketed the DGT Board, a sensory board. A DGT chessboard may be used with both a chess clock and a computer chess program. Each move you make on the board is automatically saved in your computer’s chess software. The board, in conjunction with a digital chess clock, is connected via USB, serial interface, or Bluetooth to a host computer and its chess GUI or control program, and serves as a real-time move input device during gameplay, to monitor or broadcast the game, or to give chess engines a whiff of dedicated chess computers. The board is compatible with all DGT electronic chess sets and comes with or without indexes. The board is 20.5 ” by 20.5″ and features 2.165″ (55mm) FIDE tournament-sized squares.


Sensor Technology 

Pieces with piece-type and piece-color specific passive LC circuits with a resonance frequency of 90 to 350 kHz, the coil on a ferrite core, are recognized by the patent-registered DGT sensor technology. 2 x 8 silver-ink printed trace loops on a polyester film placed under the board scan squares and their respective pieces (if any), file and rank sequentially selected by analog switch multiplexers, feeding back the output signal of an amplifier via the selected inductive coupled LC circuit to its input, forcing oscillation in piece specific resonance. The controller firmware takes roughly 3 ms per square to measure the signal frequency or period via a digital input connection and convert it into appropriate piece codes.


GUIs in Chess- Most GUIs, including Fritz GUI by ChessBase, Chess Assistant and Aquarium by ChessOK, Shredder GUI, Arena, PocketGrandmaster, WinBoard, and XBoard, can be used with the DGT Board. Almost any GUI may be adapted to communicate with the DGT board using Pierre Boulenguez’s open-source dgtdrv library, which is released under the GPL Version 2 or later. On smartphones running Android 6.0 and higher, Chess for Android may connect to a DGT chess board via Bluetooth or USB (including older DGT versions that use the RS-232 port) from version 5.7 (2018). (or even earlier for USB)

Automatic- The DGT Smart Board works with the most powerful chess software and engines available on your PC or laptop. Turn your Smart Board into your best sparring partner by adding the DGT Pi chess computer. Save the games you’ve played automatically for later publication or analysis.

Using the DGT Smart Board as an input device, play online against opponents from all over the world. On the display of the DGT3000 chess clock connected to the SmartBoard, the opponent’s moves (human or engine) are displayed.

To broadcast your chess games live over the internet, download the free DGT LiveChess Software and Cloud Service.

In a tournament setup, DGT Smart Boards are entirely compatible with conventional wooden DGT e-Boards.

To broadcast your event live over the internet, use the free DGT LiveChess Software and Cloud Service.

How to Select an Electronic Chess Board? 

Brands of Electronic Chess Sets

When it comes to chess sets, different brands stress different characteristics. You can select a brand that meets your requirements based on your preferences. Consider buying from well-known manufacturers to take advantage of their one-year product warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Chess House and House of Staunton are two prominent chess brands to buy from.

Average Costs

The cost of an electric chess set is determined by many factors. One of these factors is the product’s quality. Even if you should check prices to find the cheapest deal, be sure the quality of your chess set is not compromised. Purchase a long-lasting product that will serve you well for a long time.

Selection of Stores and Electronic Chess Sets

Consider reading reviews to find out how satisfied their customers are. A customer-focused chess business will devote itself to assisting you in selecting the ideal chess set.

To begin, you’ll need high-quality chess set with software that is compatible with your computer’s operating system. This eliminates the need to search for a compatible PC or computer. Consider purchasing electronic chess set with Bluetooth wireless connectivity. You won’t be restricted by wire length this way. The chess set’s memory is particularly important because it allows you to save games and track your progress.


Is it worthwhile to invest in a DGT chessboard?

DGT chess boards are well worth the price, from the fine craftsmanship of the beautiful hardwood chess pieces to the strong chess computer software options. It’s also worthwhile to evaluate your electronic chess set requirements to get the most out of your DGT chess set!

What is the strength of DGT Centaur?

Centaur will be able to get a maximum rating of around 3000 in Expert mode. SPECIFICATIONS: 17.5 x 15.8″ board size (444.5 x 400.5mm)

What does an electronic chess board entail?

Electronic chess boards are a novel approach to learning to play the game. These are boards that can be linked to your computer or laptop to give you access to more advanced playing features. They’re also suited for tournaments, and you can communicate with other electric chess fans online.

What things to keep in mind whilst purchasing an electric Chess Board? 

Electronic chess boards are modernized chess boards that allow you to play online chess against other people. When buying a chessboard, make sure you go with a reputable internet retailer. When buying a chessboard, there are numerous variables to consider. Electronic chess boards provide you with the possibility to play a pleasant yet demanding game as a chess enthusiast.


The Bluetooth technology included in this chessboard allows it to connect wirelessly to your PC or laptop. This is a rosewood e-board with plug-and-play functionality. This is a visually beautiful chessboard with five electronic DGT chess pieces available. With this chessboard, you get the best of both worlds because you can also play against online opponents. The innovative technology employed in the creation of these chess boards helps you to get the most out of your game. This attractive chess board ensures that you have a good time playing PC chess. 

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