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7 Best Folding Chess Board With Storage

If you are unfamiliar with the word “checkmate,” it is because you have likely not played a game of chess before. It is not that simple to play chess, but there are many reasons to start playing it now!
Chess has been around for almost 1500 years, and people consider it the best game that can be played indoors.

Naturally, in that long period, it is quite obvious that it has evolved in the basics of design, features, and functions. One of the many reasons for playing “the game of chess” is because it abstracts your critical thinking, improves concentration, stimulates strategic thinking, and also imparts you with the ability to predict all kinds of different scenarios.

In this article, you will learn reviews about the best folding chess board with storage and an available storage facility. Keep reading to learn more.

folding chess board

Factors You Should Take Into Consideration When Choosing The Best Chess Set

  1. Folding Board: Chess sets that have the folding feature are going to make your life much easier. Chess boards that can be folded are travel-friendly, easy to carry around, portable, and saves a lot of space.
  2. Storage: Isn’t it great when you can store all your chess pieces in their allotted slots? Many chess sets have this feature where they provide you with a storage box for you to keep all pieces together and intact. Hence, no stress of losing a piece anymore! There are also a few products with both the folding and storage facility, which are the best chess sets that people buy.
  3. Purpose: First of all, you should understand your purpose for buying a chess set. Few different purposes a chess set can be used for are: decorative purposes (a great piece of décor that any guest will admire), practical purposes (for daily or weekly chess games), travel purposes (portable sets that can be folded with storage facility are available), or you want theme based sets (Blue in the Civil War or the Redcoats in the American Revolution).
  4. Durability: if you are purchasing a chess set that is not durable then what do you need it for? The most durable chess sets are handmade wooden ones that are long-lasting, aesthetic, and give a classic aura when you play the game of chess. Wooden chess sets are purely worth the investment.

7 Best Folding Chess Board With Storage

1. Amerous Folding Chess Set With Storage Slots

Amerous 15 inches magnetic wooden chess set comes with a folding board and also has storage slots. Each piece of the set is hand-carved with premium quality wood, and the smooth surface of the board ensures optimal touch and comfort. The folding board design makes it easy to travel with and is portable to carry around. The best feature of this product is that it has both a folding and storage facility. No lost pieces, and very convenient to carry. The chess pieces also have magnetism which makes them rank even higher as a product because you do not want your pieces to fall off. We recommend you this buy!

2. KIDAMI Folding Magnetic Chess Set with 2 Portable Bags for Pieces Storage

KIDAMI folding chess set comes with two portable bags for keeping all the pieces together. Often chess enthusiasts enjoy disrupted games and this set allows them to have one. It comes with premium quality magnet in-built on each chess piece. Chess pieces and chess board are well crafted with a unique wooden texture, made from premium durable plastic which allows every piece capable to use for generations. ​​The foldable chessboard can turn into a storage box, making it very convenient and easy to carry. It also comes with two velvet storage bags that help organize pieces together neatly and orderly. We recommend this for beginners and learners.

3. Metal Chess Set With Wooden Folding And Storage

Looking for a high-quality folding wooden chessboard with metal chess pieces and storage? You’ve found it! This particular product has the same features. The chess pieces are handcrafted with top quality making our game more appealing and exciting. Storage would also not be a problem for you, as this metal set comes with storage slots for each piece.

Play a game or two with the metal chess board game with your kids at home or with your coffee buddy at the office. You will have no difficulty as it can also be folded. Hence, making it portable, travel-friendly, and easy to carry. The metal chessboard, when folded, is lightweight. This chess board set is a good additional collection for chess enthusiasts and recreational souvenirs.

4. Giant Wooden Chess Set

This Giant wooden chess set is made from high-quality pine wood with magnetic features which makes the board’s surface smooth and ensures optimal touch comfort. A flocking process is
used at the bottom of each piece to reduce the sound while moving the chess pieces. It has a folding feature, so when you are out, you can easily fold it and carry it in your backpack. Each chess piece has been attached with a velvet pad on the bottom to protect the playing field board from scratching. Chessmen are allotted to be stored in the individual slot.

The storage slot design allows each piece to be stored neat and orderly. Everything stays organized and structured thanks to the felted interior of the box with individual compartments for each piece. Once folded, the chess set can also accompany you in your travels.

5. KOKOSUN Folding And Storage Convenient Chess Set

KOKOSUN Chess Set is an excellent alternative entertainment to the electronic gadgets that most kids are infatuated with these days. It is made of top-quality plastic, and the magnetic chessboard is sturdy. Each piece is the work of excellent craftsmanship, giving you a comfortable feel and a pleasant experience when you play the game.

Every chess piece has a light magnetic attraction to the playing field, hence, making it difficult for the pieces to shift, and you can play chess reassuringly without worrying about falling pieces. The board can be folded in half, so it is very convenient and also does not take up storage space. It is lightweight and compact when folded and can be put into your backpack easily. It’s a thumbs up for this chess piece from our side.

6. Scientory Wooden Chess Set

Scientory chess set has a large interior storage space for each piece, so you need not worry about your pieces getting lost. Every minute detail is carved by craftsmen with a high sense of responsibility and rigor. The chessboard, when folded into 15″× 7.5″; inches, make it easier to carry.

Whether traveling or staying in, you can enjoy the fun of playing chess with these amazing features. This extraordinary piece is also a perfect gift for any chess player. You can buy this because it has a storage facility, folding board, is religiously crafted, and is the perfect chess set for all-time sakes.

7. Smart Tactics Folding Chess Set

Smart tactics 16″ board has a velvet-lined compartment for pieces- the best storage feature you can get. The chessboard can also be folded, making it portable, and easy to carry set. This set also comes with extra queens which are included for easy pawn promotion during the game. The algebraic notations are inlaid on

The top edge of the chessboard for quick and easy identification of game moves when you are playing. The quality of the wooden board is FSC-certified. It includes an instruction-based manual and access to an online beginner’s video course that even teaches you how to play the game for those who don’t know much about the game. Ideal buy for beginners.

Your Takeaway

We hope you have gotten an insight review about the best folding chess sets with storage. We covered the factors you should consider before choosing the best chess set and a list of the best folding chess sets with storage availability.

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