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5 Best Marble Chess Sets

When you think of an exquisite and vintage chess set, marble chess sets will surely come to strike your mind. Well, a marble chess set does exactly what you think it does, giving you a very outstanding finish to your game of chess.

So what are we waiting for? Let us tell you about the best marble chess sets that you can buy.

Best Marble Chess Sets Ever

Just Cowhide Marble Chess

Just Cowhide chess set is entirely handmade from high-quality marble onyx giving the chess set an exquisite and classy finish. The chessboard and pieces are fully polished.

The chessboard comes with an attached felted bottom to avoid any scratches. It is a non-magnetic 15 X 15 size game set.

It is a very suitable option for both beginners and advanced players. It can be an exciting gift for your loved ones or a fancy decor item that you can keep in your living room for your guests to adore.

The chess set includes 1 marble chessboard and 32 Staunton tournament-style chess pieces. The material is made from black and fossil coral weighted marble which adds up a very vintage look to this chess set.

RADICALn Handmade Marble Chess Set

RADICALn chess set is fully handmade using high-quality marble onyx material. The board and the pieces of the chess set are both polished giving a very smooth finish.

This is a 15 X 15 inches chess set that comes along attached felted bottoms to avoid any scratches on the surface of the chessboard. There are separate felt bottom packets for each chess piece.

It is simply a centerpiece board with vibrant and quality pieces. It can come in handy for both newbies and advanced chess players. This set can be used for several purposes varying from decor purposes to tournament purposes. Marble used as a material for this handmade chess set gives you a very aesthetic feeling when you are playing the game of chess with your friend, family, or competitors.

You also have an exchange/return policy for 30-days after the item is delivered, provided by the RADICALn store.

LAVISH Marble Chess Set

This marble chess set by Lavish speaks volumes of usefulness and exquisiteness. This chess set is made from the finest quality of onyx while the marble stone has accompanied them in making this product worth the money.

It is entirely handcrafted by skilled craftsmen ensuring that the quality of the chess set remains to be superior. The 12-inch modern chess set comes with 32 white and green onyx chess pieces.

Lavish deals in products that are designed with the perfect combination of home decor purpose and playing purposes. It can also be presented as a gift to your dear ones who are chess enthusiasts.

Chess sets with premium quality marble, which is a natural stone, can be a stand-out in case of home decor purposes as it gives a vintage and exquisite aura.

16″ Marble Chess Set

This marble chess set is from Chess House which guarantees you the safe and timely arrival of your product, a peaceful state of mind, and a good experience.

This chess set has felted bottoms to avoid and prevent scratches on the surface to ensure a smooth and easy-going game. The frosted green and white pieces have green felt and it matches the surface of the chessboard.

It is an ideal piece for living room display purposes or an occasional game of chess. The set is of premium quality marble and is a work of excellently talented and skilled craftsmanship. The weight of the chess set is 14 lbs and its size is 16″ inches.

14″ Black And White Marble Chess Set

This marble chess set is from Chess House, which guarantees you a good experience, safe and timely availability, and good peace of mind.

It is a game of marble chess set with an excellent display piece that makes professional players hear the ultimate checkmate on stone. Both the chessboard and chess pieces have a thin green cloth felted base to protect your surface from scratches.

The heavy nature of the marble and the beauty of the natural stone make it very exquisite, impressive, and vintage for decor purposes and also for playing purposes. The main squares are white and black in color, while the border ranges from green to slightly dark green color.

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