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6 Best Roll Up Chess Board to Buy

Wondering about a perfect place for your Chess Set? A place where it doesn’t attract dust and allows you to maintain your chessboard nice, neat, and clean! Here come the Roll up Chess board to the rescue! Roll-up Chess boards offer the most versatility when it comes to purchasing and maintaining chess boards. These Roll-up Chess boards are suitable for club, tournament, classroom, and especially casual play at home or wherever you like to play a game of chess.

You’ll find a variety of styles of Roll-up Chess boards with different materials including vinyl, silicone, and rubber. Roll-up Chess boards are most common and recommended for all types of chess. Silicone boards are exceedingly robust and may be stored in very little space.

Rubber chess boards, like mousepads and flex pads, are lightweight and easy to store.

Vinyl Roll-up Chess boards are incredibly durable and resistant to extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold. The most they’ll probably want of you is a nice cleaning now and then. Some plastic items have removable bottoms that can be used to weigh them down with sand or water.

Best Roll Up Chess Board

Wholesale Chess Triple Weighted Pieces and Mousepad Roll-up Chess Board

  • Price- $33.99
  • Brand- Wholesale Chess
  • Colour- Black 
  • Material- Canvas
  • Genre- Strategy

Wholesale Chess Triple Weighted Pieces and Mousepad Board Chess Set-

  • Heavy competition chess pieces that are triple-weighted and come with extra queens are supplied
  • A chessboard that rolls up like a mousepad is supplied
  • For archers, there’s a chess bag included
  • All rules and regulations of the USCF event are observed

AMEROUS Chess Set 17″ x 17″ Roll-up Travel Chess

  • Price- $16.99
  • Brand- AMEROUS
  • Colour- Black 
  • Material- Plastic
  • Genre- Strategy
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H- 16.93 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches

AMEROUS Chess Set 17″ x 17″ Roll-up Travel Chess

  • Usually, traditional boards must be kept upright at all times, but this one may be stored on a shelf or in a drawer by standing straight or lying flat on a card table.
  • Smooth processing was used at the bottom of each chessman to denoise the sound when it moved, guaranteeing the chessman would not damage the board’s surface and safeguarding the board at all times.
  • It is light and portable due to its plastic construction. The chessboard is made of PU leather.
  • Despite being designed for travel, the board measures 17″ x 17″ when fully opened

The House of Staunton US Chess Quiver Chess Set Combo

  • Price- $27.99
  • Brand- The House of Staunton
  • Colour- Black 
  • Material- Plastic
  • Genre- Strategy
  • Dimensions (L x H x W)- 21 x 4.25 x 4.25 inches

About The House of Staunton US Chess Quiver Chess Set Combo-

  • The kit includes a complete set of Single-Weighted Regulation Plastic Chess Pieces, a Quiver Chess Bag, and a Premium Vinyl Chess Board.
  • All US Chess Federation and FIDE Tournament Requirements are met.
  • This game will appeal to chess players of all ages and ability levels.
  • Designed for Chess Clubs and Schools looking for a tournament package at a reasonable price.
  • The exclusive maker of this product is the United States Chess Federation (USCF)

Mynnnat Professionals Chess Set, Thick Tournament Roll-up Board 

  • Price- $37.90
  • Brand- Mynnnat Gifts & Games
  • Colour- White & Green 
  • Material- Rubber
  • Genre- Educational

About Mynnnat Professionals Chess Set, Thick Tournament Roll-up Board-

  • All US Chess Federation and FIDE standards for Official Tournament use are met by the Myannnat Professionals Chess Set. This portable set is suitable for both outdoor and indoor games, and the chessboard has lots of storage space.
  • Thick, environmentally safe rubber makes up the professional roll-up board. The board will lay level on your table, providing a lovely heavyweight surface that is stain, UV, and scratch-resistant while also being easy to wrinkle. The notations are large and easy to read.
  • A free additional chess training booklet is included with the chess set, and it includes a huge number of great chess events, each of which is linked to a related Video & Puzzle for simple learning of chess tactics, openings, and suggestions for both youngsters and adults!

Juegoal 20″ Portable Chess & Checkers Set

  • Price- $24.99
  • Brand- Juegoal
  • Colour- Black 
  • Material- Rubber

About Juegoal 20″ Portable Chess & Checkers Set

  • The US Chess Federation and FIDE have approved the 2 in 1 Chess Sets for use in official tournaments. The board is 20 inches in diameter with 2.25-inch squares, and the boundaries are drawn using algebraic coordinates to describe and record chess movements. For simple promotions, include 32 chess pieces and 24 checker pieces, as well as 2 extra Queens and 2 extra checkers.
  • The professional roll-up chess board is made of strong rubber, has a unique design, and is incredibly portable and easy to store. The board may be laid flat on your table and offers a smooth heavyweight surface that is wrinkle and stain-resistant, as well as UV and scratch-resistant.
  • Juegoal 20” Portable Roll-up Chess Boards are easy to Store and come with a soft green carry storage canvas bag. It has plenty of storage space for chess & checkers pieces as well. Just roll up the mousepad chessboard and put it into the bag together with the chess & checker pieces. Convenient to carry and travel with a Bag

Andux Chess Game Rollable Chess Board

  • Price- $14.99
  • Size- 33cm x 33 cm
  • Colour- Green
  • Material- Vinyl
  • Genre- Strategy 

About Andux Chess Game Rollable Chessboard

  • This item is made of tear-resistant vinyl
  • Algebraic notation that is easy to read
  • Roll-up chessboard made of lightweight, high-quality materials that are convenient to transport
  • ONLY a chessboard, Pieces for chess are not included 


How do you roll up a roll-up chessboard?

When rolling this back up I recommend doing so with the colored squares to the outside. This helps it lay flat next time you use it. 

Which roll-up boards do you prefer? the silicone ones or the vinyl ones? Do you ever have trouble with them staying flat?

Roll-up Silicone Chess Boards are a workhorse in the chess world. These are ideal for use in parks, coffee shops, and cafeterias where food and beverages are served. They are quite simple to clean because they may be soaked in water if necessary. They’re also easier to keep completely flat than vinyl boards, and the colors stay brilliant for longer. Vinyl Roll-up Chess Boards are a low-cost, all-around good solution. As long as it is stored and rolled with the squares outside, it will stay flat. It’s also relatively easy to clean, though not as well as silicone. It is also the lightest of the three in terms of weight.

Why use a Vinyl Roll-up Chess Board?

Mostly because the vinyl roll-up chess board is the versatile chessboard that everyone requires. It’s widely acknowledged, and it’s the perfect size for competitive or leisure gaming. The roll-up chess mats are made of thin vinyl with a cloth backing for simple storage and a smooth playing surface.

How Do I Flatten My Roll-up Chessboard?

If it’s a Vinyl Roll-up Chess Board it has been found that it works best when you roll it up with the printed squares on the outside and the blank side on the inside. This feels counter-intuitive, but it works. It also helps if you always roll it up in the same direction–for example, start rolling from rand 1 every time.


Vinyl roll-up chess boards are ideal for use at home, in the classroom, at clubs, and in competitions. Vinyl roll-up chess boards are the board of choice for students, teachers, and club players due to the ease of a chessboard that rolls up for easy storage and the cost-effective design. Everyone needs a chessboard, and the vinyl roll-up chess board is one of them. It’s well-known, and it’s the ideal size for competitive or recreational gaming. For easy storage and a smooth playing surface, the roll-up chess mats are composed of thin vinyl with a fabric backing.

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