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Is Square Off Grand Kingdom Chess Set Worth It?

The Square off Grand Kingdom Chess set is a finely constructed wooden chess set including expertly carved chess pieces. It’s a rosewood-finished handcrafted chessboard. This piece of royalty will undoubtedly turn heads thanks to its automatic movements, superior robotics, and artificial intelligence. Thanks to precision robots and powerful AI, the world’s smartest chess board moves the pieces.

The Square off Grand Kingdom Chess set has automatic movements that are powered by modern robotics.

The Square off Grand Kingdom Chess set has an app that allows the players to play with anyone, wherever, right on your board, and against the board.

The Square off Grand Kingdom Chess set is a built-in AI chess board with 20 levels of difficulty and a battery life of up to 30 games. After the game, it automatically resets the pieces to their original positions.

How does Square Off chess work?

Square Off Grand Kingdom Chess Set is an entirely automatic chess set where chess pieces move automatically. You can connect to the chess.com website and play a normal online game on your chess board. You just have to make your moves, and the chess board will make your opponent’s moves.

If both chess players have this set, they can play on their chess board itself.

The third option is to play from their app. Suppose your friend doesn’t have a chessboard. He can simply download the app. Once he plays any move, the board will replicate it automatically.


  • 1 – 4 = upto ELO ~800
  • 5 – 10 = 800 – 1600
  • 11 – 16 = 1600 – 2300
  • 17 – 20 = 2300 – 2500


  • Price- $445.00
  • Brand- Square Off 
  • Genre- Board game, strategy, chess 
  • ISBN is not applicable.
  • Dimensions- 23.74″x 19.05″x 1.92″
  • Weight- 5.4 kg
  • 1.0″ inch / 2.54 cm Square Size 1.5″ inch / 3.81 cm King Height 2.5″ inch / 6.35 cm King Base Diameter 1.0″ inch / 2.54 cm
  • Chess Board Dimensions 23.75″ x 19″ Total Number of Pieces 34 chess pieces, including 2 extra queens (for Pawn Promotion)
  • Bluetooth- BLE 4.1
  • Material- Rosewood 
  • Charger- DC Adapter 
  • Audio- Monotone 
  • Warranty- 1 year 


  • AI that adapts – The Square off Grand Kingdom Chess set has an advanced AI that adapts to the degree of knowledge quickly.
  • Reset Automatically – After each game, the computerized chess board automatically returns the pieces to their starting positions.
  • Stream in real-time – Pick some brilliant strategies while watching live chess matches on the interactive chess board.
  • Globally Networked – With only one swipe, you may connect with anyone and play chess with friends from over 30 million gamers on chess.com!
  • Examine your performance – On the app connected through a Bluetooth chess board, review your previous moves and improve your play skills.


SquareOff is the only company that uses advanced robotics to automate component movement. Connect with anybody, everywhere, with just a few taps. Over 30 million players are available through SquareOff and Chess.com.

  • Allows playing with others – Because the Square off Grand Kingdom Chess set has an app connected, you can play with anybody, anywhere, on your board.
  • AI gameplay – The Square off Grand Kingdom Chess set is equipped with an advanced AI that adapts to your skill level quickly. You can choose from a wide range of ELO rating levels, from 800 to 3300, and it’s based on Stockfish.
  • Reset Auto – After each game, the Square off Grand Kingdom Chess set automatically returns the pieces to their beginning positions, preparing the board for the next one.
  • Streaming Live – As you watch live chess matches on your board, you’ll pick up new strategies.
  • Examine your performance – Work on your previous movements, improve your gaming skills, and get ready for the next game.
  • Battery-operated – Integrated battery power with a long life ensures that you can play without a cord for several hours (12+)


  • Square Off gadgets purchased from the Square Off store and Amazon come with a 12-month limited warranty that begins on the date of delivery. Only product problems caused by craftsmanship or build materials are covered by the limited warranty. Within this time frame, any warranty-covered repair and replacement services, as well as shipping and handling, will be free.
  • Small pieces are a choking hazard. Not suitable for children under the age of three.
  • WARNING: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS SMALL MAGNETS, WHICH MAY CAUSE CHOKING. Magnets that are swallowed can cling together in the intestines, causing serious illnesses and even death. If magnets are eaten or breathed, get medical help right away.

Is Square Off Grand Kingdom Chess Set Worth It?

The answer is definatly yes. I know the pricing is high for a chess set, but this is a unique technology, and you will not find any alternative for this.

These chess sets are also great investments for chess clubs, chess academies, and educational institutes. Academies can organize inter-academy chess tournaments through it. Also, players can play exhibition matches sitting at their homes.

The only issue with this chessboard is speed. When pieces move, it’s slightly slow. If they work on that, there will be many use cases.

In the future, this chess board can be useful to organize fide official chess tournaments where people don’t need to travel from one place to another.


What is The Square off Grand Kingdom Chess set program’s rating?

Here, Stockfish 11 is used, which has an ELO rating of 800 to 3300, depending on the level of difficulty.

What are the steps to get started with the Square off Grand Kingdom Chess set?

  • Remove the shipping lock from behind the board and unscrew it entirely. 
  • Connect the adapter and turn on the board.
  • Launch the Square Off application.
  • Log in with any account and click ‘Connect Now,’ which will couple your Square Off chessboard immediately.
  • You are now prepared to play chess on the board.

How do you keep the Square off Grand Kingdom Chess set in good shape and clean it?

Use a moist cloth to clean it and a soft, lint-free cloth to dry it. Usually, that shouldn’t be a big problem.

How long will it take to charge the battery?

Up to 3 hours

Is Square Off a legitimate company?

Yes. Square off sold more than 10000 chess sets and have thousands of happy customers. You will find many unboxing chess videos on youtube.


The Square off Grand Kingdom Chess set is a gift-worthy AI-powered handcrafted chess board with delicately carved chess pieces. The Square off Grand Kingdom Chess set would make excellent Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts for anyone who is a chess enthusiast. 

They launch a few new products and chess sets every year.

With the in-built rechargeable battery in the Square off Grand Kingdom Chess set, you may play up to 30 games of chess on a single charge. “Play the Square Off game. This electronic chess set is loved in 70 countries and backed by the Kickstarter community.” It is, without a doubt, the best chess set ever.

Right now, Square off chess set can be a great investment.

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